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Protect the environment for purer water


Man is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the environment

“Water is like a wine that has not been subjected to the wine-making process, leaving the work of blending, balancing and perfecting instead to the schist, limestone, grasses and lichen. The great vintner at work here is nature, and we must learn to respect it and let it take charge.”

Natural mineral water is powerfully influenced by the terroir, where its taste was forged. The unchanging nature of the terroir allows a mineral water to retain its identity and stability through the ages.

Although man does not intervene in the process by which mineral water develops underground, he is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the environment, and primarily for protecting the spring from which pure water untouched by pollution emerges. This vigilance also extends to the catchment area, which must be protected from all harmful influences. Within this perimeter, all activity is regulated or even prohibited, according to the applicable legislation and the risks.

For each of these springs, professionals work to protect the resource in the long-term. Local farmers and members of the community sign ecological agreements, encouraging agriculture that will not pollute the soil.

This concerted action will allow local communities to pass down what they themselves have inherited from Nature.


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