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5 Recycling Resolutions for a Greener New Year

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Here are our ideas for resolutions to ring in a greener new year.

Out with the old and in with the new? Not necessarily! This year, why not resolve to up the ante with your recycling? Here are our ideas for resolutions to ring in a greener new year.

1. Detox your wardrobe
New year, new you, right? Sure—but this doesn’t mean you have to throw out old clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe. Go through your cupboards and sort the contents into piles: items you no longer like can go to charity or in a textile recycling bin, and pieces that are not quite right can be given a new lease of life: change the buttons, shorten a hemline, hide a stain or hole with an embroidered patch…

2. Upcycle
Why not repurpose that old piece of furniture that’s been languishing in your home and make it into something you love? Make this year the year you redecorate your house by upcycling. Not only is it a cheap way to revamp your surroundings, but it’s also a satisfyingly creative—and eco-friendly—hobby.

3. Get organized
Resolve to recycle more by giving your rubbish bins a makeover. If you have a matching set of neat and tidy bins under your sink for each different type of waste (plastic, glass, compost…) the whole task of filtering your rubbish becomes easier—and pleasingly organized. And who doesn’t like an orderly kitchen?

4. Get recycling at work
While you’re at it, take the concept to work and share your green new years resolutions with your colleagues. How? Establish an office recycling programme with separate, clearly labelled bins—just like you’ve done at home. If you make it easy for people, they will be much keener to partake—and the workspace is one of the worst culprits for generating large amounts of waste, so you can be sure this will make a real difference.

5. Help kids’ creativity
Clean empty bottles are ideal for children’s art projects, so resolve to put aside material that can be used for play dates at home or to take to your child’s school—or to donate to the local school or community centre if you don’t have kids!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below if you will be incorporating any of the above ideas in to your new year’s resolutions.

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