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5 Ideas For Upcycling Plastic Bottle Caps

Much more than a simple device to keep your water fresh, the humble water bottle cap is a marvellous

Much more than a simple device to keep your water fresh, the humble water bottle cap is a marvellous upcycling material—creating innovative, cheap and eco-friendly craft projects. So, as a fun alternative to popping your plastic bottle caps into the recycling, collect them to use in one of the following five ideas:

mosaic plastic bottles tops

1. Mosaics
Plastic bottle lids come in a rainbow of colours making them a perfect—and free—ready-to-use material to create mosaics. Get inspired by eco-artist Mary Ellen Croteau, who creates impressive pointillist-style life portraits composed entirely of upcycled bottle tops.


plastic bottle cap animals

2. Fridge Magnets
Create an entirely kid-made art gallery in your kitchen by helping the little ones to turn old plastic bottle lids into cute animal magnets, with which you can then stick their drawings, scribbles and paintings to the fridge!


spinning tops plastic bottle caps

3. Spinning Tops
Keep the kids entertained with a family friendly game of spin-the-bottle caps. Just grab some wooden skewers, some coloured tape and it’s no trouble at all to turn plastic bottle lids into eye-catching spinning tops.


Bottle Cap Cakes

4. Dolls’ House Cakes
Another one for the children: confect dinky little cakes for a dolls’ tea party using play dough, beads and bottle caps—an easy, eco-friendly craft project that allows young imaginations to soar! More tea, dolly?


flying curtains plastic bottle tops

5. Bottle Cap Curtain
Create an upcycled version of the 70s beaded curtain with your old bottle tops and some nylon thread. A cheap, simple and effective craft project that can be completely customised to your tastes—make an all-white version for a minimal home, a colourful one for the playroom or even kitsch design like this one if you’re feeling adventurous.


Have you tried any of these brilliant bottle-cap upcycling ideas? Let us know in the comments below. You might also enjoy reading about artist Cicia Hartmann’s impressive bottle cap art.

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