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How much water does each element contain?

We know water in the form of rain or sea but did you know that water is present in vegetables or animals?

It is not always visible, but water is everywhere in our environment and is one of the four basic elements. Water can be seen by the naked eye when it is in the form of rain, sea water, river water or drinking water… But we still cannot see all the water around us.

Did you know that broccoli and crab are made of large quantities of water? Or that crab contains more water than the human body?

Water is the main source of hydration and is present in large quantities in several different foods. Check out the images to see the water composition of a chicken, an orange and even our planet. Have fun looking for these elements in this Game.

The rules are simple, you just have to match the numbers and images to gather the right information.

Who said that learning can’t be fun!

how much water do they contain



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