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Art at the heart of recycling

flower with plastic bottle header

What if recycling was becoming a source of inspiration? It seems to be the case for Veronika Richterová, an artist who shapes new life from recycled plastic PET bottles

Recycling more is an imperative! And it is this urgency that motivated Veronika Richterová to create a unique manner of recycling using both her own used bottles and those she finds along the wayside.

It all began for this Czech artist in 2004 with a collection of her favorite bottles. Since then the thousands of bottles that she has recycled have become hundreds of pieces of exquisite artwork.

Her word for this: “PET-art”, PET for polyethylene terephthalate, or in simpler terms, the material that is currently used to make this type of bottle.

The artwork stretches across a wide range of themes and is so colorful that it is hard to believe they are really made of plastic.  And yet, the technique is readily available to all: the artist heats the bottles and then twists them and cuts them up and shapes them into roses, cacti, crocodiles, bats…

Veronika Richterová clearly plays with paradox when using industrial material to create natural forms.

The artist also offers a range of objects called “PET-design” comprised of ultra-sophisticated lamps and “crystal chandeliers”.

If you want to try but lack inspiration, some pieces of Veronika Richterová’s collection can be seen in her “PET-art museum”, or on her website. No doubt you will have second thoughts before you trash the bottle you’ve just used.


plastic-bottle-sculpture-recycled object by veronika-richterova

frog realized with plastic bottle

Photo credits: Michal Cihlář

2 Responses to Art at the heart of recycling

  1.' Carrie Blackford says:

    Being the artsy crafty person that I am,I love this!

  2.' Suzy says:

    a beautiful whimsical way to recycle. This lovely art makes me smile! Endless possibilities to
    introduce beauty into our daily life by the use of old materials. Awesome!

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