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Water hydrates your body without calorie


Drinking enough water is essential to ensure an healthy lifestyle and can help you to feel better

It is a well- known fact that extra weight, and obesity even more, are major risk factors for cardio-vascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke) and diabetes. The official recommendations, whether national or worldwide (World Health Organization) urge additional measures (1) such as fighting against excess fats and sugars intakes–eating  more fruits and vegetables – and exercising regularly (every day 60 minutes for children and 150 minutes per week for adults). Where does water fit in?

Where does water fit in, in reducing energy intake…?

water diet

It is recommended to drink about 1.5 liters of water a day* (2) to maintain the water balance. Moreover, it would seem that drinking water is positively linked to healthy eating habits. Thus a study on 4755 adults (3) has shown that those who drank about 1.5 liters of water a day ate more fruits and vegetables and consumed 194Kcal less than those who drank less. A recent major analysis (4) concentrated on the impact of water intake during or before meals. It would appear that compared to other drinks, drinking water goes hand in hand with a lower intake of calories during meals. The authors stress the potentially important role of water intake in reducing energy intake, and consequently in preventing obesity.

*For a healthy sedentary adult living in temperate climate


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