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Five Best Apps to Track Daily Water Intake

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The Five Best Apps to Track Daily Water Intake

Staying hydrated is the key to feeling alert, both physically and mentally. Getting the right amount of H20 helps your body to perform well… And yet we often end up not drinking enough water – let’s face it: gulping down water isn’t necessarily top of our to-do lists. So, to help you increase your fluid levels pronto, we’ve rounded up the top apps to track your daily water intake – drinking eight glasses a day is about to get easy !

iHydrate 1. iHydrate
$2.99 iOS

Boasting over 300,000 users worldwide, iHydrate is the most popular water tracking app on offer. Handy features include logging all types of beverage push notifications to remind you to drink and a rewarding confetti graphic when you reach the target proposed by the App – woohoo!




2. WaterMinder
$2.99 iOS and Android

One of the more sophisticated water trackers available, WaterMinder propose an estimation of your fluid needs based on your gender, weight, physical activity level and the weather. It’s goal-orientated to encourage you to reach your water target and, like iHydrate, tracks hydration intakes from various beverages (although water is preferred!).



iDrated Water

3. iDrated Water
$0.99 iOS

The Rolls Royce of water trackers. Not only does it show your level of hydration goal, but also achievement medals, and your last and next drink times. Another nifty feature allows you to set the times of day before and after which you won’t drink – meaning you don’t need to interrupt your beauty sleep for #hydrationgoals!



4. Waterlogged
Free iOS and Android

This easy-to-use app can be customized with the volume of your own drinks containers, and includes three different types of reminders to help you stay on track: a smart reminder when you are behind pace, daily reminders at times you specify and interval reminders throughout the day.



5. Daily Water
Free iOS

A no frills app that’s as simple as the water glass icon you tap to record your fluid intake. Set you own daily goals and schedule reminder alarms to your liking. If you want something that’s as clear as water to use, this is the app for you!



What are your thoughts? Have you tried a water app? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I think on the list should be another app Aqualert.
    Link to itunes attached

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