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10 Ways to Upcycle Plastic Water Bottles

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Innovative Ways to Upcycle Plastic Water Bottles

We all know how important it is to recycle our plastic, but chucking your old water bottles in the recycling bin isn’t your only option. Whether you aspire to zero waste living or are looking for a fun craft project, upcycling your old plastic water bottles can be an enjoyable, thrifty and rewarding eco-conscious activity. We talked about the Plastic Bottle Village in our last blog post, but here is a selection of smaller, easier ways you can reuse plastic bottles in your everyday life.

1. Planter : create kawaii plant pots from old water bottles for next to nothing: with a mere spray of white paint, a squiggle of marker pen and quick bit of cutting, you’ve got yourself a cute new piece of home décor (or a even a cheap and cheerful gift).

2. Bird Feeder : kill two birds with one stone – maybe not the best fitting phrase but you can reduce waste and contribute to supporting local wildlife by transforming an old water bottle into a bird feeder! Source:

3. Mini Greenhouse : these simple cloches made from old water bottles will protect your clippings from frost and help to keep heat and moisture in – and they are much easier on the eye than shabby old plastic bags.

4. Plant Watering : staying on the gardening theme, here’s a quick hack to create a DIY sprinkler: simply pierce holes in an old plastic bottle and attach the garden hose to the opening to create a handy (and free) lawn irrigation system.

ways to upcylce plastic bottle

5. Resealable Food Container : cut the top off a water bottle, feed an open sachet of food through the opening, reseal the cap and you have your very own easy-to-use, pourable, resealable—and free—food container.

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6. Pencil Case : with nothing more than an old water bottle and a zip in the colour of your choosing, you can create an original pencil case for the kids or a minimal make up bag for yourself.

Piggy Bank

7. Piggy Bank : coin the term bottle bank and set the tone for saving by creating a thrifty piggy bank out of an old water bottle decorated with coloured paper and a slit to drop coins through.

soap bottle

8. Soap Bottle : supersized bottles of shampoo and shower gel reduce packaging waste (and costs) but aren’t very practical when they’re all vying for space in the bathroom. The eco-friendly (and cheap) solution? Decant into old water bottles – just replace the cap with a pump lid!

9. Organisers : make-up brushes, cotton buds and the assortment of tubes at the bottom of your make-up bag can all be neatly tidied using cut-down water bottles. Smooth off the rough edge by pressing it against an iron on high heat for a couple of seconds.


10. Bottle Cap Art : it’s not just bottles that can be recycled – don’t forget about the caps! One for the kids, a community project or a cheap and fun way to redecorate – use an assortment of different coloured water bottle lids to create an upcycled mosaic.

Have you tried any of these? Tell us more about your upcycling projects below!

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