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7 Quick Tips to Recycle More Plastic Bottles

tips recycle plastic bottles

Here are seven tips to help you recycle as much plastic bottles as possible.

It’s become so easy to recycle that we sometimes take it for granted. Gone are the days when we had to save our plastic bottles and take them to a central collection point. Now most homes benefit from regular collections and it’s up to us to ensure there’s enough in our bins to keep those recycling machines humming all week.

Here are seven tips to help you recycle as much plastic bottles as possible.

1. Give a bottle a home
Create a designated place to store your plastic bottles and other recycling. Try a bag under the stairs or sink, or some crates in a corner. It’ll also reduce kitchen clutter.

2. Crush it real good
It’s never a bad idea to squash those bottles before throwing them away. Not only will you fit more recycling in your bins, but it’s a good work out too! Tip: screw on the lid once your bottles are squished and they’ll stay that way. [n.b. check with local authorities that they recycle the lids and make sure you drain all the contents of the bottles before recycling]

3. Broaden your horizons
There’s no need to stop at drinks bottles—don’t forget bottles of shampoo, cleaning products and sauce containers are usually recyclable too.

4. Appoint an expert
Recycling can be confusing. Some authorities will collect everything—metals, papers, plastic—in the same bin, others prohibit certain plastics. So, if you do need to know your PET from your PVC make one household member the recycling expert. They’ll be responsible for knowing which bin to use.

5. Upcycle!
Don’t stop at recycling, you can upcycle too. We’re huge fans of repurposing our plastic and you can find ideas for everything from basic craft projects to air conditioning units made of bottles elsewhere on this blog.

6. Keep it in the community
Ask around to see if local schools or art centres collect plastic waste for craft projects.

7. Take it outside
Most major towns and cities have public recycling bins on the streets, but what about at work? Recycling, after all, doesn’t have to stop when you leave the house and it can be a great team-building exercise to take charge of a simple bottle collection programme in the workplace.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you recycle more? Share them with us in the comments below!

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