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Recycling plastic bottles can help growing your plants

recycling plastic bottles

Have you heard about the eco-friendly gardening? Take care of your garden and flowers thanks to plastic bottles recycled

Plastic water bottles accumulate at home and it is hard to know what to do with them! When you think about recycling and upcycling, you might be surprised by all that you can create from plastic water bottles.

A 100% Recyclable Object

Plastic bottle for plants growthPlastic bottles are made from 100% recyclable material. When they are recycled, plastic bottles can be reused to manufacture new products, such as clothing, industry materials or new plastic water bottles. Plastic is also very conducive to upcycling and DIY projects. Plastic bottles are being used more and more and are also being transformed by artists to create jewelry or works of art.

Did you know that PET bottles can also be used in the garden? PET bottles are great for building greenhouses. We can also see them being used increasingly for gardening.

DIY Upcycling Garden Ideas

bottle recycled-greenhousePlastic bottle greenhouses are fairly simple DIY garden infrastructures that require a certain number of recyclable plastic bottles. Greenhouses are excellent for creating a hothouse environment for year-round growing in cold weather climates and they enable outdoor plants and vegetable gardens to survive the harshest winter months.  Not only are they easy-to-maintain, greenhouses are self-watering and increase temperatures by at least 10 degrees Celsius (18°F). Once you have built your greenhouse, the remaining bottles can be used to create planters. Herb and flower seedlings can be added to potting soil, pressing down until compact, then watered to make them grow.


6 Responses to Recycling plastic bottles can help growing your plants

  1.' vincenza neve says:

    great idea ! love the green house.

  2.' Metta Bailey says:

    How many PET bootleg does it take to build the greenhouse and are cut in half?

  3.' Cathy says:

    Yes I have done this many many times when I was able to grow a garden I miss them good old days when it came to blackberry winter I’ve even used guard jars ..

  4.' Daniel Yunting says:


  5.' Daniel Yunting says:

    It’s a nice way to grow plants.

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