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Ecobricks : 5 Projects Around The World

ecobricks projects

Plastic bottles are transformed into ecobricks-creating a zero-cost, eco-friendly construction material

Simple old plastic bottles can be the building blocks, quite literally, for something truly great: by filling them tightly with non-biodegradable waste, they are transformed into ecobricks—creating a zero-cost, eco-friendly construction material. Here is a round up of some of the most inspiring ecobrick projects around the world.

plastic bottle panama

1. Plastic Bottle Village in Panama
Canadian Robert Bezeau had the ambitious idea to create an entire village made solely from ecobricks. The village, on the island of Isla Colon, will include 120 homes, a boutique and an eco-lodge once it is complete. Added eco-friendly benefits include the cool temperatures maintained inside the structures, doing away with the need for air conditioning.

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bottle school guatemala

2. Bottle Schools in Guatemala
Schools made from ecobricks have been set up throughout Guatemala thanks to the charity organization Hug It Forward. The advantages are manifold: they are cheaper to build than traditional schools, they clean up waste, serve as a hands-on lesson in ecology and involve the whole community in their construction—creating something everyone can be proud of.

Source : Huge it Forward

bottle house india

3. A Family Home in Bangladesh
Husband and wife Rashedul Alam and Asma Khatun set about constructing a home made from ecobricks for their differently-abled son. Made from a total of 80,000 plastic bottles, and set to be complete within the next few months, the house—the first of its kind in Bangladesh—was met with doubt at first but now looks set to inspire more ecobrick structures in the area.

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4. Jane’s House in The Philippines
Excited to discover a new way to recycle waste, hospital worker Jane started making ecobricks one at a time in her hometown of Besao in the Philippines. As such she has transformed her simple house—which people once mocked—replacing walls one by one. It is such a success that people now come from near and far to visit the inspirational construction!

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ecobrick nicaragua

5. The Ecobrick Community in Nicaragua
Hotel owner Alvaro Molina came up with an inspired solution for plastic waste on the volcanic island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. Staff must present two ecobricks in order to receive their salary, and visitors can exchange one ecobrick for the WiFi password. As a result, a micro-economy has grown around buying and selling these recycled building blocks—and several local schools have been built using them. Does this inspire you? Would you use ecobricks in your house or community? Let us know in the comments below.

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