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DIY and recycling for Father’s Day


It's Father’s Day! Offer your father a personal handmade gift created with recycled plastic bottles

Upcycling is the way to transform an old object to give it a second life. For Father’s Day we have chosen two great ideas to realize a personal handmade gift made of plastic bottle.


To create your own “recycled Pencil Holder”, you will need 1 plastic bottle, 1 pair of scissors and some paint of the color you love. Cut your plastic bottle in half and decorate the bottom with color or any other decoration. Don’t forget to put pencils in the pencil holder and offer this useful gift for your Dad.

For the happy flower pot, you will need the same material. Keep the bottom of the plastic bottle and paint it in any color that you father likes. Drop off some soil and seeds inside the bottom. Eventually, offer him this cute flower pot, and… watch it grow: over time your flower pot will become alive!

Have Fun!

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