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5 questions about hydration

5 questions about hydration

The key is to drink water consistently, especially at times when hydration is extra-important.

Hydration is vital to our health, from childhood to the golden years. The key is to drink water consistently, especially at times when hydration is extra-important: in hot weather, while exercising, during pregnancy, and whenever you want to feel your best.


N°1: why is drinking water so important?

Water is vital to healthy functioning of the body. The adult body is about 60% water (1), so it’s essential to maintain proper hydration to keep us cool, eliminate waste and toxins, and lubricate and cushion joints. Water distributes nutrients where they’re needed throughout the body, keeping tissues in top form and preventing fatigue.


N°2: how much water should we drink every day?

In addition to the water contained in foods, adults should drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day (2). More water is recommended if you’re more physically active or in a hot climate, since sweating quickly leads to fluid loss.


N°3: when’s the best time to drink water?

If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! The optimal approach is to drink water throughout the day, as well as with meals, to maintain a healthy equilibrium and prevent dehydration (see our infographics “What are the best times to drink water” ).


N°4: are there times in life when we should drink more water, or a particular kind of water?

Pregnant women and nursing mothers need additional fluids to support the health of their growing babies. Seniors risk joint pain, muscle soreness, poor circulation and constipation if they do not consume enough water.

Mineral water is particularly beneficial in strengthening bones, decreasing LDL cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.


N°5: how can we stay hydrated?

Drink water consistently throughout the day, before you feel thirsty. Fruits and vegetables deliver essential fluids, vitamins and minerals, and herbal teas are a tasty way to warm up and hydrate. Keeping a bottle of water at your side, while at home, working or exercising, makes it easy to refresh and replenish body and mind.

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