why do we cry, animals tears

What do tears of animals mean?

environment - 22 May 2015

We say “have a crocodile tears”, but do animals cry really? [Read more]

heatwaves dehydration precaution

Heatwave: initiatives to prevent dehydration

health - 7 August 2015

Even mild dehydration can lead to physical symptoms. Several initiatives are deployed to prevent of dehydration and to help people [Read more]


Water quality: challenges to protect water

origins - 22 October 2013

Water quality decreased because of the chemical revolution. Protecting water sources is the new challenge for a better quality [Read more]

flower with plastic bottle header

Art at the heart of recycling

lifestyle - 31 July 2015

Transparent, colored, small…the artist uses any plastic bottle she can get in her hands to create pieces of artwork [Read more]